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these swimwear and dry bag PREVENT YOU FROM DROWNING IN URBAN LIFE

Swim open waters carefree and safe like never before.


Get our exclusive VIP pricing information before we launch on IndieGoGo!

Tested in arctic waters of Iceland 

Designed by international team of water sports apparel professionals

Founded by open water swimming enthusiast

We know what it feels like to live isolation of virtual ‘life’


  • Decreased mobility

  • Increased anxiety

  • Loss of sense of reality

  • A general threat to personal mental well-being

You`ve got it all to get real life feeling back


Icewim keeps you insulated to reduce cramp risks


Provides with extra buoyancy to peace your mind during swimming.

Makes you feel comfortable thanks to founder`s open water swimming insights.


Gives you impressive look. It was designed by the international team of water sports apparel professionals.

Icewim helps you to protect  the planet because it`s made of environment friendly material.

Take a plunge to become a happier individual



Remove your urban clothes and
put icewim suits on



pack all your belongings into the roomy dry bag



 Turn the dry bag into the tow float and enjoy your swim carefree

Go wild with us


Perfect choice for any open or cold water activity

Whether you are adventurous hydromaniacs or pool swimmers daring to make the first steps into the wild, ICEWIM makes your experience flawless.

Eco friendly ethos

ICEWIM uses 'Yulex' instead of neoprene which makes our products eco-friendly and sustainable. We also provide a repair kit with every swimsuit to prolong its lifespan and reduce waste.(can we say it? Does glue work with youlex?)

As comfortable as your skin

The suit sits in one place. It doesn`t wiggle around on the move. You`ll love the feel. It`s so pleasant to the touch.

In comfort and style


The waist grips perfectly without ever digging in. And the fly is super handy, you know.

Surf suit back closure. 

Loops for dry bag connection.


More freedom to move comparing to conventional wetsuit. Upper body is warm and doesn’t pull or restrict the strokes.

Show everyone how cold the water is

Iconic Icewim artwork changes the color when exposed to a temperature below 15°C.

Get more visibility on the water

Retro-reflective print on the dry bag glitters in the dark attracting attention to the swimmer.

The dry bag is roomy enough to keep all your personal belongings inside during the swim so no worrying about leaving them on the shore unprotected.

Keep your valuables dry and safe

Our suits are equipped with the pocket to keep a waterproof phone case close at hand to send an emergency signal or to take a photo while you are in the water.


All your valuables are safe inside a sealed box.



Icewim will share the overfunding with a charity of mental health and suicide prevention.


We`re ready for production. Support the campaign and be the first to get your Icewim. 

We have successfully tested prototypes in Iceland. Check real open water swimmers feedback and opt into subscribers list to get exclusive information about best possible discounts available during crowdfunding campaign.

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